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Decrease risk factors, as making mistakes today is too expensive

Choose a managerial approach in hospitality. Decrease risk factors, as making mistakes today is too expensive. Is it still worth investing in F&B? Yes, if you use the right tools: quality standards, set procedures, analyses.
  • How can you understand if a business idea is right?
  • Is the menu attractive?
  • Why are my earnings low?
  • How can I price a course properly?
  • Is my food cost too high?
  • Why am I not growing?
  • How do I solve employee management issues?
The answer is in the development of a right, analytical, and scientific management system.
Our consulting approach is based upon decades of direct experience and consultancy.
Our solutions are shaped around each business’ features and based upon scientific management models.

Working models

Brand Identity
Price Identity

The identity must be clear, usable on all sales channels. Who do we want to be? The best restaurant in the area? The best value for money? The best pizza? Focus the idea and define the Goal.

The Offer
Menu Engineering

The Menu is the most important sales tool. Menu engineering is all about finding the correct selling price for each item and understanding performance, identify the right product to sell, according to the market.


STANDARD means: “as it should be”. the production cycle of a F&B business must be conceived, designed and monitored as a whole to reach an effective and functional model of procedures.

Cash Flow
Economic sustainability

Determining fixed costs is an important and generally simple aspect of a business.
But they are the variables on which we can have the greatest impact and make a difference.
The management of economic data and their analysis is essential to maintain a high level of economic sustainability over time and consolidate the business.
The management of economic data and the related analysis is essential to maintain a high level of economic sustainability.

Evolution of F&B
Data science

Technology directs us to an ever more informed, more attentive and complex market. F&B is starting to work with data science and artificial intelligence algorithms
Food Waste
Flow and Revenue forecasts
Advance elaboration of trends and consequently of menu, preparations, labor effort


The winning model

Teamwork is the basis: the owners share their ethics, moral and business values, and they follow the director’s management guidelines. The director will empower the technical managers, who will get the work done thanks to all employees, by means of an efficient, measurable, and replicable system.
We create value.

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